Delivering a 360-degree view to focus in on your marketing needs.

Delivering a 360-degree view to focus in on your marketing needs.Delivering a 360-degree view to focus in on your marketing needs.Delivering a 360-degree view to focus in on your marketing needs.

Paving the road to your brand's success with your outsourced CMO & Marketing Team!

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 Do you know what you need?  Corcoran Marketing Group was developed to give businesses of all sizes the ability to have a Chief Marketing Officer working for them to create and implement their 360-degree marketing strategy and implement the tactical tasks. 

With an outsourced CMO and marketing team, you get all the benefits without the added overhead costs.  

At Corcoran Marketing Group, we know every client is unique, each with different needs.  Marketing is not a “one-size fits all” approach.  That's why we offer a hybrid approach to marketing.  We understand the difference between a client that needs a strategic plan for their marketing goals vs. someone who has a strategy, but they don’t have the workforce to handle the tactical aspects of marketing.   

The difference is Strategy is the big-picture planning with a goal in mind plus a road map to lay the foundation on how to achieve that goal, and Tactical is the tasks that need to done to complete the plan like social media and digital marketing as well as tradeshows and events.  

After we complete our 360-degree marketing discovery of what you have and need, then you can build your marketing strategy plan. 

meeting with clients, customer experience

meeting with clients, customer experience


building a foundation

Once you have the foundation and know what you need to do, each layer of the foundation to build the road map is a tactical maneuver that gets you on the right path to achieve your goals.   A successful marketing roadmap plan needs both marketing strategy and tactics to be successful, but the strategy must come first, and it determines the tactics used.   This is where Corcoran Marketing Group comes in. We help clients learn if they have:

1. an excellent foundation to build their marketing road map and need some help with the tactics or
2. do they need someone to take a 360-degree view of their marketing and develop a successful strategy to achieve the goals they set.  

With a hybrid marketing approach, we give our clients the ability to outsource only what they need using our four pillars of strategic marketing approach.   

the four pillars of strategic marketing to drive sales

4 pillars of marketing to create sales

  • You’re persuading prospects to visit your website.
  • You’re persuading them with a call to action. 
  • You’re connecting with them to buy and become customers.
  • You’ve converted them as customers and now need to persuade them to renew,  and buy more, and stay with you.
  • You measure the results and repeat them.